About Bailey's Moving & Storage

In 1952, nestled within the heart of the quiet town of Orem, Utah, Cliff (Jay) Bailey embarked on a venture that would eventually redefine the moving and storage industry. With nothing more than his garage for an office and a single pickup truck for transportation, Bailey's Moving & Storage was born. Bailey and his company laid the foundation for a company that would eventually grow to exemplify a legacy of reliability and growth within the Rocky Mountain region and beyond. This is the story of how the modest beginnings of a moving company in Utah grew to become a leading name in the moving and storage service industry.


Cliff Bailey Opens A Moving Company

Cliff (Jay) Bailey opened Provo Transfer & Storage. The operation kicked off in his garage and served the local community with moving and some distribution services. Bailey used his pickup truck as the moving company’s first piece of equipment. Soon after formation, the mover became an official Agent of Allied Van Lines.

Headquarters Location Change

Bailey’s Moving and Storage relocated its headquarters from State Street in Orem, Utah to North Salt Lake, Utah. This change signaled a continued trend in growth and expansion.
1970 - 1977

Ownership Change & Growth

Cliff Bailey sold Bailey’s Moving and Storage to a group of dedicated employees, ensuring that the company's legacy continued to thrive under passionate leadership. It was during this period that Bailey's Moving surpassed the $1,000,000 booking agent mark for the first time. This landmark served as a testament to the moving company’s growing reputation of excellence.
1977 - 1990

Time of Expansion

During the next few decades, Bailey's Moving and Storage acquired Warberg Moving and Storage in Twin Falls, Idaho and opened a new facility in San Diego, California. Both ventures were later sold in 1980, which reflected strategic business decisions on core strengths. Following those sales, Bailey's Moving continued expanding into the Rocky Mountain region. Bailey’s Moving and Storage opened a new location in St. George, Utah, then acquired locations in Denver, Colorado and Colorado Springs, Colorado in 1989.

These expansions allowed Bailey’s Moving to operate in Colorado for the first time in company history. Further expansions included Boulder, Colorado and Fort Collins, Colorado. Also, Bailey’s Moving opened an office in Washington, D.C., in 1990. Each step marked a significant phase in Bailey's Moving & Storage’s pioneering as a leader in the moving and storage industry.
1990 - 2002

Award-Winning Performance

The 90’s and early 2000’s were marked by a pattern of recognition for Bailey’s Moving and Storage by both Allied Van Lines and others. In response to its continued growth and reputation, Bailey's Moving & Storage won prestigious awards including Allied Van Lines Agent of the Year, Allied Van Lines International Agent of the Year, and Government (GSA) Agent of the Year. Each award earned by Bailey’s Moving underscored its commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.
2002 - XXXX

Modern Moving Excellence

To this day, Bailey's Moving & Storage continues to progress in its quest to serve customers with the best moving company experience possible. In reflection of our growth, Bailey’s Moving continues to acquire new warehouses throughout Utah and Colorado.

We’ve launched new companies to service new products, including freight transportation, final mile deliveries, and general logistics. Bailey's Moving and Storage also undergoes strategic consolidations, including the move of its original Utah County location from Orem, Utah to Lehi, Utah in 2019.

A Legacy of Excellence

Bailey's Moving & Storage proudly operates five key locations in Colorado and Utah:
Salt Lake City, Lehi, Denver, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction.

As a consistently top-five Booker and Hauler within the Allied Van Lines network, Bailey's Moving stands as one of the largest and most respected moving and storage companies in the Rocky Mountain region. We work each day to build on a legacy of trust, growth, and unparalleled customer service.

Who We Are Now:

We Believe in Quality Moving Above All Else

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In-Home Estimates

At Bailey’s Moving and Storage, we believe in issuing accurate moving estimates to customers. We do this so that our moving customers know exactly what to expect in terms of price on moving day. How do we accomplish this? Simple: In-home estimates with trained estimators. Our experienced move estimators conduct either an in-home or virtual walkthrough of your home, accounting for all household goods you need to move and all moving company services you may require on moving day. We believe in that human-led touch, so you can have any questions answered and our experts know exactly what to include in your written estimate.
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Our long-time employee, Norm, signs a written estimate after conducting an in-home estimate

Access to the Allied Van Lines Network, Within a Local Mover

It can be intimidating to start your upcoming move with a moving company. As a local mover located in Colorado and Utah who has been an Agent of Allied Van Lines for decades, we have the local mover approach with a global reach. We know what streets to drive down and what turns to take, while also knowing how to accommodate long distance moves from state to state or to another country. This arrangement means we excel at moving local while also being one of the best long distance moving companies in the Rocky Mountains.
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One of our expert movers transports household goods as part of our commitment to being an Agent of Allied

Transparent Bailey’s Moving and Storage Reviews

We believe that anyone planning for an upcoming local move or long distance move should gather all the information they need to make their move as seamless as possible. Through resource centers like our Learning Center and our Bailey’s Moving and Storage reviews page, we offer an unfiltered, honest look at moving. Whether it be with a full-service moving company, a rental truck company, a portable storage company, or a group of trusted buddies, Bailey’s Moving and Storage is here to help you make moving happen.
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Our customer service manager, Barb, speaks with a customer who's about to submit a written review for their recent move