Temperature-controlled storage that can be picked up and delivered anywhere, anytime.

At Bailey’s Moving and Storage, we handle the hassle of extra space storage for our customers so they can focus on the rest. Instead of having to wrangle with storage containers or mini storage and find temperature controlled storage, our clients can work with a company whose legacy for moving excellence applies from the move to storage.

Benefits of Storage with a Moving Company

The primary benefit of storage with a moving company is that your belongings can be picked up from anywhere, and delivered anywhere else. No need to identify a mini storage or storage facility. We can pick up your belongings, hold on to them, and deliver them to you whenever you're ready. Even if the pickup and delivery are different places, or even different countries.

Bailey's Moving & Storage provides versatile long-term storage and short-term storage solutions tailored to meet any need. This comprehensive service encompasses the pickup of your items, their secure storage in our temperature-controlled warehouses, and their delivery to any location worldwide when you're ready.   We also include our specialized Storage in Transit (SIT) service for our moving customers. Our SIT option is ideal for those in the midst of relocation, renovation, or simply in need of temporary storage space. Bailey’s Moving and Storage offers both short-term and long-term flexibility for SIT customers.

Long-Term Storage

Bailey’s Moving and Storage offers our storage and move customers the option to store their items for as long as they need, indefinitely. Items stored at moving companies with storage are protected securely in our temperate-controlled warehouse, ready to be transported or unloaded whenever our clients are ready.

Storage During a Move (SIT)

As a moving company with storage, we include our specialized Storage in Transit (SIT) service for our moving and storage customers. Our SIT option is ideal for those in the midst of relocation. Instead of fussing with storage containers, our move customers can relax while we handle the loading, storage, and unloading of their items.

Short-Term Storage

Situations may arise for customers who require short-term storage during transitional periods in their lives, such as renovations or extra space storage. Bailey’s Moving and Storage offers move to storage solutions for those who need storage only for a short period of time. Once ready, we handle the transport and unloading of those short-term storage items.

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Our Storage Facilities

We can store at any one of these Colorado and Utah facilities. We deliver to anywhere in the world.