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January 5, 2017
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Bailey's Moving & Storage Celebrates 65 Years

Thank You To Those Who Helped Us Get Here

Ever since our beginning in 1952, Bailey’s Moving & Storage has worked hard to ensure a moving experience that leaves a lasting legacy of quality. We value each and every customer and strive to leave each with more than just a positive experience, but with a satisfaction and knowledge that Bailey’s Moving & Storage is the leader of the industry. For decades, we have fought to maintain the best qualities all around whether it be pricing, quality, employee attitude and performance, or flow and ease of process. Over the years we have learned and grown tremendously, but despite our growth we guarantee a large-company consistency and result with a local company feel.

We know that each and every move is a milestone in your life and we want to not only carry out a transaction but help transport you (and your belongings) to the next phase of your life. Just as each satisfied customer looks back fondly on their experience with us, we do too - each successful move is another milestone for us too! We want to ensure speed and quality so that our customers can have less stress in their already stressful lives. Whether we have moved your family, friends, company, school, or other, we want to take this opportunity as we celebrate a wonderful and successful 65 years of business to say thank you to each and every customer and employee, past, present, and future!

Our Roots

You can trace our origins to a man by the name of Cliff Bailey who in the year 1952 lived in the city of Provo, UT, and began a moving and storage service from his garage with a pickup truck. Over the next several years, the company was able to grow into an actual warehouse—also located in Provo. With the warehouse and larger vehicles, Cliff was ready to take on more business. The business grew quickly after that. With more work, there was need of more employees, vehicles, and warehousing space. Over time, the then sizable company sought to grow even more, and as a result became an agent for Allied Van Lines, one of the largest moving and relocation companies in the world.

Today, we have the capability to move a family or office to and from any destination in the world! We have the capabilities of a global company but still provide personal “small business” service where each customer knows that they are valued. From top to bottom, we try to make each interaction a customer has with us pleasant and pain-free. We value the customer’s time, so we try to streamline the process to eliminate as much stress as possible. That’s the Bailey’s Moving & Storage way.

That’s how Cliff started it, and that’s how we conduct our business to this day. So to all those who have dealt with Bailey’s from 1952 until now, we share our appreciation and thanks with you on this historic year for our family, and to those who we will soon do business with, we can’t wait to put our words to the test and show you what Bailey’s quality means to us. For our next sixty-five years, we plan to work harder than ever to continue growing while ensuring that each customer feels that their move, is the most important move – the best move.

So here’s to another incredible sixty five years!

-- Bailey's Moving and Storage