Kayla Coco-Stotts
November 22, 2021
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Understanding Bailey's Moving
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What Are the Different Truck Sizes Bailey's Moving & Storage Has to Offer?

Customers who schedule their move with Bailey’s often wonder what trucks we’ll be using to accomplish their move. Do we always use large trucks for all our moves? Does the size of the truck vary by move type?

We’ve crafted a guide to the fleet of more than 150 vehicles worldwide that we use to get people where they need to go. Keep reading to gain a bit more insight into the types of trucks we use to accomplish the variety of moves we service.

Pack Vans

As the smallest trucks we utilize, pack vans are typically used during the pre-move process to transport smaller items such as boxes. Before the actual move date, we will send out a team of packers to pack all the customer’s belongings. The pack van will be filled with different sizes of boxes, packing materials (including tape, shrink wrap, packing paper), and a couple of excellent packers.

Flatbed Trucks

Almost every day we receive shipments from overseas. Many of them are shipped in smaller wooden crates called lift vans. Once they arrive at our warehouse, they’re stored until their scheduled shipment delivery. Once the lift vans are ready for transport, they’re directly loaded onto a flatbed truck and delivered to the customer.

We also use case flatbed trucks for loading shipments that will eventually be shipped to another country.

Box Trucks

Next up is our 26-foot box truck. Our box trucks are mainly used for commercial and industrial moves, and are typically equipped with a lift gate to help with loading heavier objects. These include:

  • Machinery
  • Safes
  • Heavy office furniture

We also use box trucks for smaller household moves that don’t require as much space as a larger household move would. Apartments, small homes, and specialty hauls are typically accomplished using the box truck. They’re also easier to navigate through smaller areas where it's too tight for our larger trucks.

Mover’s Box Trucks

The mover’s box truck is similar in shape, but larger than the box truck. This truck also has cargo doors on the sides and back so movers can put a ramp on the side of the truck, connecting the driveway and walk directly into the interior of the truck.

The mover’s box is unique in that is has a grandmother’s attic located above the cab. This space functions as additional storage.

A mover’s box truck will usually be used with local moves. In total, the mover’s box truck can hold around 10,000 pounds of household goods.

Semi-Tractors and Trailers

The largest trucks we use to accomplish household movers are tractors and trailers. Most of our long-distance moves are hauled with a semi-truck because of the expansive storage capacity. Fully loaded, our semi-tractor and trailer can weigh up to 80,000 pounds, and they’re used for a variety of moves across the country.

We choose to use semi-tractors and trailers for transporting household goods over freight trucks as a way of better protecting customers’ valuables. Because the ride isn’t as smooth with freight trailers, merchandise is more likely to sustain damage on the journey. All our trailers are equipped with air-ride suspension, which allows for a much smoother ride.

Ships, Trains, and Planes

Bailey’s Moving & Storage can move you to almost any place in the world. So, if you’re planning to move somewhere across seas, we will load your household goods directly into an overseas shipping container. Lovingly referred to as sea cans, the shipping containers will be loaded and unloaded at a given country's national port.

Step by step, this is how we accomplish most international moves:

  1. We will load your shipment locally (usually at your house).
  2. We then truck it to a train depot using any one of the listed trucks above.
  3. From there, your household goods will be transported by train to a shipping port.
  4. Then, they’re shipped to the destination country by sea or air.
  5. After clearing customs, your shipment will get delivered to your new home.

If you’re in a hurry for certain items, or would like to expedite your shipment delivery spread, we will ship your goods by airplane to your new destination home country. Keep in mind that shipping by air is more expensive than by sea.

No Matter the Needs, We Can Make It Happen

We always like to say that every move is different. And the variety of the equipment we use really reflects that. No matter the circumstance, we’ve got something that will get you where you need to go.