Kayla Coco-Stotts
March 7, 2022
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Press Release
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Bailey’s Moving and Girl Scouts Kick Off Distribution of Cookies to Colorado Families

Denver, CO - Starting four years ago, Bailey’s Moving & Storage partnered with Girl Scouts of America to distribute truckloads of cookies across the Denver area. Made by Little Brownie Bakers, Girl Scout cookies are renowned and much coveted.

In December, the Scouts preorder as many cookies as they need, and on the first Saturday of February, our Colorado crew works with volunteer Scouts to load all the shipments in our region. We typically handle over 20,000 cases of cookies on this day, and we distribute them over the coming weeks to those who ordered them.

We love working with the troops, and we load up our trailers, pickups, flatbeds, and suburbans to accomplish the distribution. Take a moment to watch the video above to see our crew on this year's distribution day!