Kayla Coco-Stotts
April 4, 2022
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Press Release
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Bailey’s Moving & Storage Announces New Chief Financial Officer

Englewood, CO – In response to much-celebrated growth, Bailey’s Holding has announced some changes to their corporate structure. These changes are dedicated entirely to guiding Bailey’s and its proprietaries, like Bailey’s Moving & Storage, through these exciting developments.

For nearly two decades, Michael Arveseth has been a stalwart CFO for Bailey’s Holding Company. Now, Arveseth will be preparing for a new leadership position as well as helping our new CFO transition into his role. As member of the executive board for nearly 20 years, Arveseth is passing the mantle of CFO to a worthy candidate.

Our new Chief Financial Officer, Brent Ainsworth, started at Bailey’s at the end of March. With previous experience as CFO for Enlinx, LLC and having spent over 10 years in finance, Ainsworth will bring a sharpened eye to the Bailey’s team.

“Bailey’s Moving & Storage has tremendous growth potential. The variety of complementary services offered by Bailey’s provides customers with a range of solutions to their logistics needs. From in-bound freight and brokering services, to warehousing and out-bound logistics including distribution, final mile, install, freight and brokerage services, Bailey’s has solutions for their clients,” said Ainsworth on joining the Bailey’s team.

We look forward to the continued growth our team will see under this new leadership.  We hired Brent with careful consideration in protecting our culture and we believe he will be a great addition to our team.  This will be one of many exciting announcements that will be coming as we grow this business and provide growth for our team.

“I hope to help build upon the strong foundation of the established businesses as well as add value to the more recently added lines business,” said Ainsworth.

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