Kayla Coco-Stotts
March 7, 2022
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Press Release
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Bailey’s Moving Awarded Allied Van Line's 2021 Consumer Agent of the Year

At the close of last year, Allied Van Lines announced Bailey’s Moving & Storage as their 2021 Consumer Agent of the Year.

We’re pleased to accept this incredible recognition. Our dedication to safety and quality for our consumers has always been our top priority. And while we strive every day to hit the mark when it comes to providing a great experience during our moves, it’s still humbling to have been honored with such an award.

It means a lot for us, but it also means a lot for our customers. Customers can take this and know that the experience they’ll have when they move with us will not only feel normal, but it’ll also feel remarkable.

Never Wavering on Our Values

From our beginnings 70 years ago to now, we’ve always maintained that honesty and transparency come first with our customers.

To be awarded 2021 Consumer Agent of the Year, we had to display exceptional customer service and top-notch safety ratings. We also had to experience growth in all aspects of consumer-based moving services. And finally, we had to earn exceptional customer satisfaction scores across the board.

We use an entire fleet of employees to get you where you need to go. From those initial estimator visits to meeting your crew on moving day, we continually work to be present and open during your move so you’re at ease the whole time.

And we don’t waver on that. Beyond transporting household goods, we’re here to make your life easier. We strongly believe in shouldering the burden of moving so you can focus on the excitement of the journey ahead.

We Specialize in Going Above and Beyond

It’s true that our standards for safety and customer service are high. But we also make sure that each customer has a smooth move with us. We want to free up as much time as possible during any move so our customers can focus on more thrilling things.

That’s why we put unfiltered reviews on our website. We really value moving reviews and want our customers to know what the typical moving experience with Bailey’s really looks like. Communication and safety are a must, but we’re also personable. Our reviews often include employees' names because the individuals at Bailey’s are the ones who make these moves all around the world happen.

We’re Also an Agent for Forbes’ Top Long-Distance Mover of 2022

Not only did we earn recognition in 2021 as the Consumer Agent of the Year, but Allied Van Lines was also recognized by Forbes as the top long-distance mover of 2022.

We love that not only do we provide an above-average experience for our customers, but we’re also a part of the oldest, most recognized name in moving – Allied Van Lines. Allied works with a collection of independent agents, all aiming to provide the highest level of quality for moving. The standard for honest quotes, exceptional customer service, and customizable moves doesn’t end with just us. Bailey’s Moving & Storage, as well as all agents of Allied, work hard to give our customers the best service possible.

A Huge Thanks to Our Customers and Looking Forward to the Future

We love what we do, and it wouldn’t be possible without the numerous customers and households we’ve moved over the years. Even in unprecedented times, our dedication to our consumers has always remained the same.

So, thank you for choosing us to make your moves as seamless as possible. As we continue to grow, we will work to always improve your experience and our craft.