Kayla Coco-Stotts
May 18, 2021
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Bailey's Holding Announces the Addition of a Chief Marketing Officer to the Executive Board

Centennial, CO  – Bailey's Holding Company has announced that it is adding the position of Chief Marketing Officer to its Executive Board. Since its inception in 1952, Bailey's Holding Company has operated with an executive board that consisted of shareholders and others who hold C-Level roles. While sales and marketing have been a focus of the company since 1952, this is the first time in its 70-year history that marketing will hold a seat at the executive table.  

Bailey's Holding Company is also announcing that Jacob Beckstead has been elected to serve as the company's first CMO; Jacob previously held the position of director of marketing. In creating an executive role dedicated to channeling their customers' voices, Bailey's will emphasize marketing-led customer interactions for the upcoming fiscal year and beyond. The effort will include all aspects and brands of the company, including Bailey's Moving & Storage, Legacy Transportation, Legacy Logistics, Bailey's Logistic Services, and more.  

"Our logistics and moving segments continue to grow. Therefore, we acknowledge that we need to grow our executive team to continue supporting our customers and teams. We will continue to focus and listen to the market to grow with changing needs, and the addition of a CMO is key to continuing that effort," says CFO Michael Arveseth, a member of the executive board for over 20 years.  

Bailey's Holding Company will use the new CMO role to re-establish its commitment to bolstering the voice of the customer as a top priority. By reaffirming Bailey's as a marketing-led company, customers and employees will continue to see that education and exceptional customer experiences are at the core of what drives the company.  

"Since our founding, this company has had a tremendous focus on serving the customer. The addition of a CMO is reaffirmation that the customer is the focus of our efforts and that we care about what works and what doesn't from a customer perspective," says new CMO Jacob Beckstead.  

Bailey's Holding Company has seen tremendous progress in sales marketing over the past few years. As such, the company expects that its marketing department will continue to grow under this new leadership. As a result, customers can expect to see new learning programs, written and recorded content, an emphasis on accessible marketing, better voice of customer feedback, and more for all brands and products down the line.