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August 16, 2022
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How Does Bailey’s Moving & Storage Ensure the Moving Crew Doesn’t Damage Your Home in the Process of a Move?

When it comes to moving and storage, the Bailey’s Moving crew takes things very seriously. Our teams in Denver, Salt Lake, Colorado Springs, and Grand Junction ensure that your household goods are transported with care in mind. Also, we take key steps during loading and unloading to make sure we don’t cause any damage to your home while our crews transport your items.

Our moving crew does everything they can to prevent damage from occurring to both your origin address and your destination address. Continue reading to gain insight into how our team keeps your walls, floors, and other areas of your home safe from harm during our moves.

Moving Items Out of Your Previous Residence and Into Your New One

There are good reasons to hire professionals to move your household goods from one residence to the next. It’s often faster and safer to hire a moving company. Also, it saves you and your family from the stress and constant headache of a DIY move.

But one of the hidden benefits of hiring full-service movers to perform your move is that moving crews consist of trained professionals who will do everything in their power to avoid causing damage to your floors and walls. They do so by combining years of moving knowledge with industry equipment to perform safe, efficient moves all across the world.

Movers Lay Down Protection for Floors

After greeting and shaking hands with your moving crew, your movers will lay down paper or mats on your flooring to avoid causing staining or scuffing. They do this before they move any items; as they transport your household goods, they won’t cause damage or leave behind debris. Laying down protective paper or mats prevents damage and helps the moving crew navigate the space.

Here's a quick tip: If you have a section or room with flooring you’d especially want protected, be sure to voice this to your moving crew so they can take extra precautions.  

Crew Wrap Sharp Corners and Block Walls

If you’re trying to move your items yourself, it’s likely you’ll nick and smudge walls while trying to move heavy, bulky furniture. Even if you’re being sure to PIVOT! often.

After laying down floor protection, moving crews wrap most large furniture items, taking extra care to pad sharp corners. Additionally, the Bailey’s Moving & Storage crew is trained to navigate spaces with care so as to best avoid touching walls or other surfaces of your home. If there are instances where touching walls is unavoidable, crew members will pad the walls so as not to cause scratches/marks on drywall and paint.

Moving Crew Use Equipment to Navigate Stairs and Tight Spaces

Even if you’re separated from the outside world by a single flight of stairs, those steps can quickly become dangerous if you’re walking backwards down a flight of stairs while supporting a bulky, heavy dresser on two strained arms.

Moving crews utilize equipment like dollies to safely get furniture up and down stairs. They can maneuver around tight stairwells and corners with the help of a dolly and another crew member. This ensures key furniture is transported to the moving truck safely while your home remains unharmed.

Moving Items into Your New Home

Just as with the loading phase at your origin location, your moving crew will take the same steps to avoid causing damage while unloading at your destination location. This includes:

  1. Laying down padding/mats on the floor
  2. Ensuring that sharp corners on furniture are wrapped and that the crew avoids touching walls
  3. Using equipment and skilled hands to navigate stairs and tight spaces

The goal of your moving crew is to move your items safely and efficiently. They’re there to lighten the load, ensuring your move is as stress free as possible.

What Happens if My Moving Crew Does Damage My Home?

Though it is rare, accidents do happen from time to time. If you’ve noticed damage sustained to either your old home or your new one, know that you can file a property damage claim with Bailey’s Moving & Storage.

Follow these steps if you notice damage to your home:

  1. Take as detailed of pictures as you can. Take as many as you can from as many angles. This just ensures that you’ve properly documented the instance and you can submit the images as evidence in your claim.
  2. Contact your move coordinator to start the process of filing a property damage claim. They’ll help you along the process.
  3. After contacting your move coordinator, you’ll be put into contact with an claims official who will further your claim. They will likely contact you for more details, like images or a description of the incident.
  4. Then your claim will be investigated and eventually settled so you can be compensated for any damages that happened during your move.

Property damage claims are similar to the type of claims you submit for damage household goods during a move. If you’d like to learn more about Bailey’s Moving & Storage’s claims & reimbursement processes, go ahead and check out this blog.

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