Judy Beckstead
January 26, 2022
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How to Have an Amazing Move

You are moving! We know how exciting and stressful it is to move no matter if you move yourself or have a professional moving company move you, and we want your move to be amazing. Here are some tips to get you started in your planning for the big day.

Determine Your Timeline

When do you need to be out of your house or when do you need to be at the new location? How much time will you need to pack each room? Remember to plan for time to clean once you have moved out. Organizing your calendar first will help you plan each step necessary to complete your move smoothly.

Plan Your Budget

There are expenses to consider when planning your amazing move. As a moving service, we obviously prefer that you hire a competent professional because it keeps costs manageable and fixed. If you decide to do it yourself, remember that this is where expenses can run out hand quickly: packing materials, renting a truck, truck fuel, breakdown insurance, cost of replacement of items you break inadvertently, repairs to your home where you might cause damage moving items, hiring help if you need it, a few fast food runs, and other travel expenses to get you to where you are going, not to mention the time required. Doing a move yourself will take more time than you think – so budget your time as well as your money.

Don’t forget to add in extra expenses and time to the budget for emergency or unexpected events because they happen - often. If you hire a mover – the budget for time and money is all factored in to the price so what you’re quoted – is what you’ll pay and time is typically pretty fixed: you’ll know when you’re moving and when you’re moving in and how long it will take. That’s a major benefit!


You will be amazed at how many items you can donate or discard. Weeks before (if you have time) you move, begin decluttering unwanted items. No need to pay the expense in moving it if you truly don’t need or want it. This takes time and organization so plan accordingly. If you need help donating any items – remember that as an agent of Allied Van Lines, we partner with the Salvation Army so we can help you get items donated to a worthy cause. Start here to schedule a pickup

Enlist Friends and Family

Asking for help in any part of this process from decluttering and packing to moving and cleaning can minimalize stress and also make it less taxing. Remember to have plenty of food and drinks. This is where that extra budget for fast food runs comes in handy.

Packing Up Belongings

If you're getting us to pack – then skip this step! We've got it for you. If you're going to do it yourself, this is a big job that takes time and planning. We can help you get boxes, so just talk to your estimator about new and used boxes that we can help provide, subject to availability. If you choose to get boxes elsewhere, make sure to only get boxes that are clean and in good shape, sturdy and that can be taped closed. Label each box as to where it is going in the new house to make unpacking easier.

Pack like things together and make sure to wrap and secure breakables tightly. Pro tip, buy wardrobe boxes to hang your clothes this helps when unpacking as you lift the hangers right out of the box and place them in your new closet – wardrobe boxes help eliminate the time to fold and unfold all of your clothes. Pack every loose item in each room including lamps, lampshades, pillows and clear out all cabinets in bathrooms and kitchen. Take a final walk through to ensure you’ve packed everything that can be packed. Make sure to separate items you will carry with you such as wallets, handbags, keys, prescription medication, and any other item you may need.

Loading the Truck

The next big piece in moving is how to transport your belongings to the new home. Whether you rent a truck, borrow your friends pick-up or hire a moving company your items need to be secure in during transportation. Load boxes and furniture as tightly as possible.

Don't Stress!

Following these tips, we know you will have an amazing move with less stress. Be intentional in your planning and organizing and you will see amazing move results. The sooner you get unpacked and organized, the sooner it feels like home.