Judy Beckstead
April 1, 2020
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Understanding Bailey's Moving
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Comparing Your Local Mover vs Global Van Line

Professional moving companies can be set up differently, and it's important to know what it means when a local mover like Bailey's Moving & Storage says that it’s an agent of a Van Line. Some might say that it’s a bad thing, but it’s just the opposite. You’ll find that working with a mover that is an agent of a van line is likely to keep your moving costs low and your experience stress free.

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Who Is Bailey's Moving and Storage?

To start, Baileys Moving and Storage is a family owned local moving company that started in Provo, UT, in 1952; we have several branches in Colorado and Utah. Baileys Moving and Storage is a full service mover that offers moving day services including packing, moving, long term and short term storage as well as commercial moving.

Baileys Moving and Storage affiliates with the national van line, Allied Van Lines. This allows Baileys Moving and Storage to book both interstate (state to state) and international moving under Allied Van Line’s authority while booking all local moves under its own authority. For stress free moving, this allows Bailey’s Moving & Storage to give you the best moving experience possible.

Who Is Allied Van Lines?

While there are many different full service moving companies, remember that Allied Van Lines is one of the oldest and largest international moving organizations, well recognized for their customer service. They started in 1928 and have headquarters in Chicago, IL.

Allied Van Lines does not operate warehouses or moving trucks but utilizes a series of agents across the United States and globally to facilitate long distance moving. It’s like a club of companies all independently owned that all agree to participate with the same standards. Kind of like airlines, although there are some differences.

Why Be an Agent of a Van Line, Then?

Even though we’re a local company, as an agent of Allied Van Lines Baileys Moving and Storage operates under Allied Van Lines authority for interstate moving and international moves. This means we act as an agent for Allied Van Lines when performing those moves.

To be an agent, professional movers must abide by and adhere to rules and standard practices to be sure that your belongings will be handled professionally. Van Line rules include equipment standards and training practices that provide a consistent offering anywhere in the country and abroad. Agents must sign a long-term contract to perform services at a standard, consistent level. This benefits you, the customer, by knowing that each agent you work with across your move has the same training and standards.

When you use a Van Line agent like Bailey’s Moving & Storage, you get the benefit of supporting a local company. At the same time, you’ll get all of the benefits, resources and standards you’d expect from a large national company because of our status as an agent.

So, Who Will Perform the Move?

It depends on whether or not your move will cross state lines. If you are, then Allied Van Lines isn't involved in your move. Bailey's Moving & Storage, your local moving company will handle the move from start to finish. If you are crossing state lines or borders, then Allied Van Lines helps facilitate the move to ensure that the start and finish of your move will be completed with the same quality standards the entire way. Bailey's Moving & Storage will work with another agent in your destination (or origin, if you're coming into Utah or Colorado) to make sure you're serviced quickly, effectively and at a high quality. That's the advnatage of using a network like Allied Van Lines!

In the end, it doesn’t matter if you are moving down the street or across the world: Baileys Moving and Storage is a family-owned company with the resources of a global company. We can move you safely and securely whether you need packing and unpacking, load and unload services or any other moving services.