Judy Beckstead
January 15, 2021
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Moving Help & Tips
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Moving Hacks: Here's Our Favorite Time-Saving Packing Solutions

When asking our customers what they were least looking forward to regarding their upcoming move, we are always surprised to hear a unanimous "moving day" dread. Moving day doesn’t need to be overwhelming and stressful.

If the moving company is going to pack you, then most of these will be taken care of by them, but that doesn't mean these aren't good to know about. But if you're packing yourself, using smart hacks to prepare for your move can help you to be more efficient when both packing and unpacking. We compiled a list of our top ten favorite moving hacks for those DIYers. Keep in mind though that when moving, packing yourself means that you will be liable for things that break inside the boxes you pack during the move. You can learn more about that here.

Ready to get started? Use this list to stay as organized as possible throughout your moving journey:

1. Use Plastic Wrap to Secure All Utensils

Wrap utensils either alone or in their organizer. Keeping like things together makes it easier on the other end to unpack quickly!

2. Keep Clothes on Hangers

Cut a small hole in the bottom of a garbage bag and slide it over the clothes. Tie a knot in the opening of the bag to keep everything together. When you arrive at your destination you will be able to easily hang clothes in your new closet already organized.

3. Nestle Spices Inside Pots and Pans

By doing packing your spices inside your kitchenware, you will not only keep your spices organized and secured, but you will also be utilizing space that would otherwise go to waste!

4. Use Household Items You Already Have as Padding Between Stacked Plates and Bowls

Packing breakables can be nerve wracking and buying specific items to pack these up can be expensive. Instead, use items that are already going with you to your destination. Items such as  coffee filters, bubble wrap or paper towels do not take up too much extra space and will help to safely transport your items from origin to destination.

5. Place Plastic Wrap Under the Lid of Liquids

Plastic wrap is a great way to ensure your liquids are closed and secure. This hack avoids a painful mess and keeps contents from spilling during the move.

6. Pack Heavy Items Such as Books Into Rolling Suitcases

Many people think to pack more efficiently you need to put as much stuff as possible in as little boxes as you can. That is not always the case! A common moving mistake is packing your boxes too heavy. Instead, wheeling your heavy items out in a suitcase is a great hack to minimize not only boxes but the potential for injuries as well.

7. Color Code and/or Label Each Box

Noting on both the top and side helps so when they boxes are stacked you can still read it. Color coding each box with bright packing tape helps direct you to the right room.

8. Take Pictures of the Back of Your Electronics or Label Your Cords Before You Unplug

There is so much to worry about on moving day, chances are you will forget that "mental picture" you took of the back of your TV.  An easy way to ensure you remember where every cord plugs into is to snap a quick picture before you unplug.

9. Use a Plastic Bag to Hold All Hardware When Disassembling Furniture

We recommend using a separate plastic bag for each disassembly. You can even go a step farther and tape the plastic bag to its respective item using packing tape. This way you will have no issue remembering which hardware goes to which item!

10. Document the Condition of Your Rental Before Moving In

If your renting, take pictures of your place BEFORE you move in and document exactly what the condition is. This helps when you negotiate to get that deposit back.

All in all, these tips should help to keep you organized from start to finish. Plan ahead, gather your packing supplies and use these time and space saving packing solutions as you navigate the moving process. Still have questions? Try learning more about the most common questions people ask moving companies or learn more about how to have an amazing move.