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August 17, 2022
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The Similarities and Differences Between Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines

What is the difference between Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines? Both Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines have similar stories. They began as independent van lines with unique cultures, strengths, and people. However, they are currently both owned and operated by SIRVA Worldwide. Sirva acquired North American Van Lines in 1998 and Allied Van Lines in 1999. Today, the van lines are considered individual brands, operating unique fleets. However, due to SIRVA's involvement in both brands, many SIRVA employees, including front-line sales, will interact and work with both brands.

Both van lines operate demand-based or availability-based pricing. With their fleets managed separately, Allied Van Lines and North American Van Lines can simultaneously experience different demands for their services. This difference in demand means that even though both are owned and operated by SIRVA Worldwide, the prices between the two van lines can differ from each other at any given time, based on their fleet availability.

Allied Van Lines

Allied Van Lines (AVL) is the oldest global van line in the United States. Beginning in 1928 as a non-profit moving organization on the east coast, Allied has grown to become one of the largest van lines in the world. Allied Agents are responsible for AVL’s broad reach, with independently-owned Agents covering the globe.

Services for Customers

AVL currently offers the following for its customers:

  • Household moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • International moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Extensive short- and long-term storage options

In addition, AVL offers moving container services for smaller and specialty moves. Called Allied Express, a full-service alternative to portable moving containers with nationwide transportation coverage and guaranteed delivery dates.

Overall, Allied offers a host of add-on services that customize the moving experience for each individual use case. From packing services to vehicle transportation, Allied makes it easy to get everything you need for your upcoming move through one servicer. And they offer live shipping updates along the way.

General Pricing

AVL offers services for a variety of moving needs, and their pricing varies widely based on the individual circumstances of the move. On average, however, Allied charges about $3500 for a long-distance move of about 1000 miles. If you’re interested in an instant ballpark quote, fill out a questionnaire on Allied’s website.

Additionally, AVL doesn’t require an upfront deposit from customers for its services. All pricing is based on when the move is happening, the distance travelled, and the weight of the shipment.

You can find all information related to pricing contained in a written estimate. This estimate is drawn up after an initial in-home or virtual meeting with an estimator and accurately tells you what you’ll pay on move day.

Allied’s base price includes the following services:

Any additional services like packing materials, packing services, shuttle services, vehicle transport, and more can be added to the base price to build the ideal move.

North American Van Lines

North American Van Lines (NAVL) was formed in 1933 in Cleveland, Ohio. From there, its story is akin to AVL in that it merged into Allied Worldwide, what would become SIRVA Worldwide, in 1998. Then in 2004, NAVL was brought under the SIRVA umbrella alongside AVL.

Operating with an extensive network of independently owned local agents, NAVL’s services span the globe. North American Agents make up their long-distance and international carriers.

Services for Customers

North American currently services the following:

  • Household moving
  • Long-distance moving
  • International moving
  • Commercial moving
  • Trash and debris removal

NAVL also offers a container moving service for smaller, specialty moves. BlueExpress functions as an alternative to container transport alternatives with guaranteed shipment delivery dates and full-service accommodations.

With add-ons and online resources available for customers, NAVL’s experience is customizable and easy to follow. Packing services and materials are available, as well as auto transport and storage options. Additionally, NAVL offers live shipment tracking so you can follow your household goods along their journey.

General Pricing

Just as with Allied, NAVL’s pricing varies depending on the circumstances of the move. According to their website, the average long-distance move base price is set around $3,800. If interested in an instant quote, NAVL also offers ballpark estimates through their website.

Included in NAVL’s basic price is the following:

  • An assigned moving agent who coordinates the details of your move.
  • Full-service moving services that include loading, transport, and unloading.
  • Released-value coverage for your belongings. Full-value protection isn’t included in their base price.

NAVL doesn’t require an upfront deposit for their moving services and can include customizations to the base price to better suit each individual move. In addition, NAVL offers discounts to union members and their families. They also offer discounts to members of the American Legion.

What’s the Difference?

Truthfully, the differences between Allied and North American aren’t all that significant. They are both owned by SIRVA worldwide, but can have different pricing based on demand for their fleets at any given time. Other than the fact that AVL has been around slightly longer than NAVL and has a slightly more extensive global network, the differences you might experience will be more dependent on current demand for their services.

Though NAVL’s average long-distance moving cost is listed slightly higher than that of AVL’s, that isn’t the case with every move, based on current demand for each brand and their fleet availability. As a result, When deciding who is the best choice for you, it’s best to get multiple written estimates and go with the mover who works best for your individual circumstances.

However, both van lines are great choices for customers looking for a smooth experience with reputable, trusted movers. Their moves are customizable and dependable, minimizing potential stressors with any sort of move. And they’ve been around a while, so they offer extensive services with a local feel.

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