Rachael Ravner
December 29, 2020
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What Is a Virtual Moving Walkthrough (and Why Go For It)?

The most important step in making sure you don't have any surprises, is a visual walkthrough. Just like the game of telephone, what people tell one another can end up with miscommunication without a way to visualize. With that, moving a home is a very different process depending on what you have and where you're moving. The ability to see what will be moved before the crew arrives allows the company to give you the best estimate possible, and avoid miscommunications. Most times, if what you pay varies greatly from what you were quoted - this is the reason: a visual estimate was skipped. However, an in-home visit from a moving expert isn't always possible.

For that, a virtual walkthrough is a great way to connect with a moving expert via video call or pre-record a walking tour of your home. Having a visual walkthrough, where the moving company can see your home verses an estimate via phone or internet, is helpful for the moving company in several ways:

  • The movers can see the layout of your home before moving day
  • The movers can make note of and be prepared for any large items you have
  • The movers are able to check the entry/access options into your home and note any issues the crews might encounter on moving day.
  • The movers can make sure they bring the proper packing materials, home protection and equipment.

How to Prepare for Your Virtual Moving Walkthrough

Make Sure Your Device Is Charged and Ready

It is important that your phone or tablet is adequately charged to avoid any hiccups during the walkthrough.

  • If you're doing a self-guided walkthrough, plan on about 20 minutes.
  • If you are doing a guided walkthrough with a moving expert, it can take 20 to 45 minutes depending on the amount of questions you or the moving company have.

You will need to have your device fully accessible, being able to switch between front camera and back camera, to both discuss your move and show your items. Having to pause halfway through and plug your dying device into a wall outlet could pose an issue if you are not finished walking around your home.

Count Out All of Your Rooms, Closets, and Spaces Ahead of Time

It's not uncommon to skip a room or a space on your walkthrough without thinking much about it. After all, it's your home. You walk around it every day and you know where everything is. However, the skipped closet door that's "just a closet" or missing the back patio might mean extra boxes or space that movers need to bring or plan for, or it might have an antique that needs special handling.

During the walkthrough, it can be hard for the moving company to know what is missed, so planning ahead and making a count to be sure you didn't skip any room or space will help ensure everything is recorded.

Be Prepared to Point Out What's Going and What's Not Moving

Sometimes not everything in the home is moving with you, or maybe you are moving some items yourself. Be sure to take an inventory ahead of time and know what you want the moving company to move.  During the walkthrough you will want to point out any items you do not what the moving company to move to ensure your moving quote is being calculated correctly.

Turn On All Lights In Rooms Containing Items to Be Moved

Good lighting will be important to make sure everything can be clearly seen in the room. Prepare for the walkthrough by turning on all the lights before you begin. This will allow for more fluid and efficient video.

Open All Cabinets, Drawers, and Closet Doors Before the Estimate Begins

Even if you decided to pack up your items on your own, you will want to record everything that is in your cabinets and closets (even if they aren't packed up in boxes yet!) The best way to ensure the moving company sees everything is to open up every cabinet, drawer and closet before the call begins. There will be no need to worry about pointing out each drawer, cabinet or closet and risk any items not making it onto the inventory list.

Don’t Forget Any Items Outside or In Storage Areas

We know that there is a lot on your mind regarding your move! Outdoor areas and storage rooms such as garages are the most commonly missed inventory items. Is there any storage closets that you haven't opened in a while? Maybe there is a crawl space in your attic that you haven't touched since you moved in.

Don't forget any furniture in your backyard or entry way! There is no problem if you forget to point out any items during your virtual estimate, just be sure to update your moving company with any additions or changes to your inventory as soon as your remember.

Plan Out the Best Location For You to Stand In Each Room

Before your call, we recommend you walk through your house and decide on the best place to stand in each room. A spot where you can pan the camera across the entire space with minimal walking is best. Your estimator is not as familiar with your home as you are, and too much movement might cause items to be counted multiple times on your inventory.