Judy Beckstead
March 19, 2021
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Ask Your Moving Company: Who's On Your Crew?

When researching which moving company is best suited to accomplish your move, it's natural to ask many questions regarding prices, contracts, claims processes, etc. Knowing your move's documentation is essential, but customers often omit one question from their inquiries into moving companies. Who will come to my home to do the moving?

Many times customers miss this critical inquiry.  The difference between an excellent moving experience and an OK one can come down to one crucial detail: the movers.

Below we've outlined a framework of questions that will help you understand who will accomplish your move once that fateful day arrives.

What Kind of Crew Will Come to My House?  

A reputable moving company will have clean, operational trucks and a professional moving crew. This crew will be in uniform and have trained on packing and loading items properly.

Knowing the type of crew you'll meet is a great way to distinguish whether the moving company you're working with is reputable. If the moving company doesn't staff professional movers or utilize their own clean, operational trucks, you may want to evaluate a different moving company.

Does the Company Perform Background Checks?

Some moving companies hire day or casual laborers. Ask if their crew have had background checks and are certified adequately for labor. Chances are if they take the time to vet their employees with a background check, they also take the time to train them as well. A properly screened crew makes a difference when you allow them into your home.

How Have Your Crew Members Been Trained?

A credible moving company will professionally train each crew member to cushion, wrap, handle, and protect furniture. They also train movers on proper packing techniques for protecting your valuables. Educated crew members are less likely to cause items to sustain damage, break, or become lost during the relocation. They're also efficient, careful, and help to ensure your move remains stress-free.

What Packing Materials Will Be Used for My Move?

Professional packing materials, such as heavy-duty boxes, are designed to protect breakables, dishes, and other delicate items. Commercial packing tape, bubble wrap, and packing paper help ensure your movers pack your belongings well.

Working with a moving company that knows what materials to utilize for protecting your move provides you with peace of mind come moving day. You can sit back and relax, knowing your moving crew are experts in packing your belongings for the journey.

Make Sure You're In the Know

You should be fully aware of what kind of moving company you're hiring before you even sign any paperwork. Know the difference between a staffed national moving company and a local business with a few trucks and some temporary labor. Ask questions to understand what kind of crew you're inviting into your home. Compare customer service, price, reliability, and when you choose your subsequent mover.

Ultimately, find a company that you can trust to do the job efficiently while protecting your belongings and home. Check out the Better Business Bureau for nationwide moving company ratings and evaluations. If you're interested in more tips to help you move, check out our blog page.