Kayla Coco-Stotts
August 15, 2022
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Understanding Bailey's Moving
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Interstate Moving

How Bailey's Moving & Storage and Allied Van Lines Work Together

It’s often the case that customers who call Allied Van Lines for their interstate move will be routed to the local agent at their origin or destination. But why would a local mover handle your move with Allied Van Lines?

As a global van line comprised of an expansive network of movers, Allied Van Lines operates with thousands of trusted Allied Agents to get you where you need to go. Keep reading to get more clarity on just how Allied Agents (like Bailey’s Moving and Storage) work with Allied Van Lines to accomplish your move.

Initiating the Move: Calling Allied Van Lines

Once you’ve decided you’re going to move, you’re going to make a few calls. Most who choose to work with Allied Van Lines, a global van line with nearly 90 years of moving experience, will call their main line directly to start setting up their move. In that initial phone call, you’ll provide Allied with a bit of information about your move. This includes:

  • Your name
  • Your current address
  • Your destination address
  • When you’ll be moving
  • Any particulars you’d like to share about your move, like time limitations or the fact that the move will be reimbursed by your job

Once you’ve provided a bit of information, you’ll be transferred to a local agent to set up your initial meeting with an estimator. Because Allied Van Lines is comprised of movers from all over the world, your move will be handled by an agent of Allied, not just Allied itself. So for example, if you’re calling Allied Van Lines to handle your move from or to Colorado/Utah, you’ll be routed to a representative from Bailey’s Moving and Storage.

What Does it Mean to Be An Allied Agent?

Allied is a brand that asserts itself as one of the top movers in the world. Comprised of services offered including household moves, commercial moves, long-distance moves, and international moves, Allied Van Lines work together with its agents to accomplish any sort of move.

As an Allied Agent, the movers who work at Bailey’s Moving and Storage are held to very high standards. Continuous training and vetting ensure our movers are operating at their top levels. Quality standards for customer service, hauling capacity, and safety are met continuously once a mover becomes an Allied Agent.

Customers who move with Allied Agents will receive complete access to Allied’s worldwide network of resources, ensuring their move goes smoothly from start to finish. So in short, Allied Agents bring you the same refined experience that Allied offers but with a local, personalized feel.

Meeting With An Estimator

Once you’ve scheduled either a virtual or in-person appointment with an estimator from your local Allied Agent, you’ll have the chance to meet with a representative of that company.

Here’s your chance to clear up any questions you may have regarding the Agent’s relationship with Allied. If you have previous experience with another Agent of Allied, be sure to share what you did and didn’t like about that move. Estimators are your key to opening the door to a perfect move, so communicate and ask questions throughout the entire process. The more closely aligned you are with your estimator, the smoother your move will go.

Making Contact With Your Trained, Capable Moving Crew.

After meeting with your move estimator and scheduling your move, you'll meet your moving crew on loading day. This is when your Bailey's Moving & Storage crew will arrive at your origin location and load all your household goods into a moving truck.

It's important to note here that all of the Bailey's Moving & Storage moving crew is trained to extremely high standards. Not only do we evaluate and vet our crew based on Allied's specifications, but we also train our crew to the standards we've established over the 70 years we've moved household goods. Our crew isn't just good, they're great. And that's a guarantee.

Keeping Contact Throughout Your Move

After reviewing your written estimate and deciding to proceed with your move, you’ll be assigned a moving coordinator. The moving coordinator’s job is to communicate with you on every aspect of your move. If something is delayed or if your documentation changes in any way, you’ll be hearing from your move coordinator.

The moving coordinator also has access to global Allied resources that can help you with your move. If you want information on shipment delivery or to make any changes about your move, your moving coordinator should be your point of contact. You can find your moving coordinator’s information in your moving paperwork, or in your voicemail. In most cases, they’ve already sent a message after receiving your moving information.

Leaving a Review and Submitting a Claim

Upon delivery of your household goods to your new home, you’ll oversee two big things post-move:

  1. Leaving a Moving Review
  2. Checking Your Valuables to See if You Need to Submit a Claim

Submitting a Claim

Though not a common occurrence, your items can sustain damage during your shipment’s journey. As you’ve already selected your valuation while setting up your move, you’ll only have to worry about submitting a claim in the event things are damaged once they’re delivered.

As an Allied Agent, Bailey’s Moving and Storage follows certain protocols established by Allied and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Everything is standardized and it’s important you’re aware of the proper guidelines you should follow for submitting a claim. Be sure to reach out to your coordinator with any questions you may have on valuation or the claims process.

Leaving a Moving Review

Our customers often don’t realize the power they have when it comes to sharing their moving experience with others. Moving reviews not only help moving companies improve their craft, but it also helps customers understand the process before they go through it themselves.

There are several places you can leave an online review for your moving company, all of which can help clear up the mystery of full-service movers. Whether it be good, bad, or unremarkable, sharing your experience can only have a positive effect.